Navigating Motherhood

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Linda McCasland
Great tool for motherhood!

This is a wonderful book of insights to encouragement and wisdom on God’s goal for motherhood. All based on the true Word of God.

Mary Beth Petr

These are mother’s day gifts for our daughters so I have not read them, but they arrived quickly and I am excited to hear heir responses

Family of Newman

Navigating Motherhood

Jan Howard
A gift.

I cannot review this book because I gave it as a gift.

Daisy Frye

I love the little reminders that we as mothers tend to forget why we enjoy being mothers and to celebrate each and every moment.

The Lord knows where you're going and how to get there.

You want to embrace the holy adventure of motherhood with all your heart and soul, but sometimes your energy feels like it’s fading as fast as the bubbles in a toddler’s bathtub. Becky Brooks, writer, speaker, and mother of four, knows the feeling. In Navigating Motherhood, a 12-week devotional perfect for individuals, church classes, or small groups, she invites you into her own kitchen for a cup of coffee and real talk about becoming the mom God has designed you to be. With humor and a heart that is for you, Becky encourages you to meet challenges confidently, knowing that God doesn’t expect you to be a perfect mother. He only wants you to remember that He has chosen you, and you are the right mother for your children. Only Jesus can help you navigate the journey ahead. It will require supernatural endurance and strength, but He has everything you need.

His voice provides direction and clarity. Listen to Him.
His hand offers stability and help. Hold onto Him.
His eyes bring assurance and comfort. Look to Him.